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This building is located in the Montbau neighborhood of Barcelona, built in 1957 by the architects J. Casamayor, M. Dargallo and E. Giralt. It is a multi-family housing block that, due to its age, deterioration and appearance, does not comply with current regulations in many aspects.

Low level

One of them is about the accessibility to the building, it is solved by installing an elevator in the core of the stairs and an access will be enabled from the goal to be able to access it. By incorporating this new complementary accessibility system, the housing floor plan undergoes some modifications in order to guarantee access to the interior from the elevator. 

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Type plant

Cover plant

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Cross section

Longitudinal section

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To rehabilitate the current transmittances of the building, we chose the green roof solution and the ventilated plank-cement façade. The type of constructive solution seems appropriate to us since easily with the superposition of layers and with a system of air chambers that favors energy saving and together with the combination of exterior insulation we provide the building with an increase in both acoustic and thermal insulation. . This solution makes it possible to dispense with waterproof sheets and vapor barriers. This façade finish is a self-supporting system anchored to the pre-existing support by means of galvanized steel profiles, which are held in place by chemical plugs. The panels that we propose for the exposed cladding of the building will be fiber cement, both for its finishing effect and its characteristics. These panels will have an anchoring system that allows movements in the x and z axes during installation to achieve correct dimensional coordination and avoid rupture problems due to their expansion and retraction.

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Rehabilitation in Montbau   (3rd degree)

As society advances, family structures are becoming more varied and different. Architecture in Spain is taking time to provide flexible solutions for this very real demand, a room is only interpreted as a place to sleep when it should be a "living room", a place with variability options. 

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