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Low level

We are in a location with lighting and ventilation on two sides, the building on the right gives us the possibility from the third floor of having these comfort options on the east side, we will also take into account that in the back of the plot there is a school to which we will give access from Llacuna street. These conditions will set a guideline for us when designing this block of flats, as we will see below.

First floor

At this level we opted to add a gym and some study rooms at the level of commerce/public equipment, as we can see a ramp and stairs have been added different from those of P2+ in order to facilitate accessibility and make this space more permeable. Generating a mix of flows between the parents who pick up their children from school or wait for them at the bar on the ground floor, the young people who use the classrooms to study or give extracurricular classes, and the adults who use the gym._cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

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2 P2+.png

Second floor + 

In the bases of the project of this exercise they emphasized a lot on the need to make flexible housing, since how we can see society is changing. The family model of a couple and two children is becoming more outdated every day, therefore we propose three possible scenarios 

1. Adult couple and two children

2. Adult couple

3. Housing shared by four adults

We solve these conditions by making very spacious rooms (not bedrooms) as long as any use can be made of it and a system of sliding doors and non-structural partitions to be able to unite these rooms.

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Collective housing in Poblenou (3rd degree)

As society advances, family structures are becoming more varied and different. Architecture in Spain is taking time to provide flexible solutions for this very real demand, a room is only interpreted as a place to sleep when it should be a "living room", a place with variability options. 

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